About Us

About Us
Welcome to Capitol Auto, a unique, hassle-free automotive buying and servicing experience that emphasizes VALUE like no other. Our goal is to provide the highest level of value to our clients by offering the absolute, best inventory available at competitive market pricing, automotive services and reconditioning, as well as products, such as Extended Service Contracts and GAP insurance. The Capitol Auto team is passionate, professional, and knowledgeable, and eager to serve each of our clients with the expectation of meeting and/or exceeding the needs of all. How we accomplish our mission is by being, transparent, honest, and efficient by valuing YOU, your time, and your budget. By leading with value, we strive to buy select pre-owned vehicles that are the best available in the market at the best prices, internally diagnose and recondition all inventory and aggressively price our inventory based on the current market value and condition of the vehicle, which passes that value on to YOU. Our goal is to be disruptive in a manner that promotes complete transparency, efficiency, and integrity that all can trust.

"Purchase with us, Service with us"
Capitol Auto believes a hassle-free automotive purchase or service experience should be exciting, simple, convenient, as well as transparent to all.  Here at Capitol Auto, we lead with a passion to serve, integrity, transparency, and professionalism to assist with all of your automotive needs.  Our goal is to completely meet and/or exceed your expectations each time and by achieving our goal, we are confident that our clients will share their enjoyable experiences with many others.  We rely on a systematic, process in each area that promotes simple, efficient, and transparent objectives and solutions for all, by a team of experienced professionals who enjoy serving people through automobile sales and services.  Capitol Auto strives to be innovative, a leader in disrupting the previous car buying processes, and promises to prove our unique ability to create an exciting, simple, transparent, and efficient solution for all of your automotive needs.  

Capitol Auto believes the unique, automotive experience we offer guarantees, a stress free, haggle-free, simple, transparent, and enjoyable transactions for all of our clients.
Value, Trust, and Transparency.

Capitol Auto values each opportunity we are presented to serve our clients, and promises to value you, your time, and your budget each occurrence.  Our team has earned the trust of our clients, lenders, and partners over the many years, and we embrace the necessity of trust in each area of our business at all times.  We promise complete transparency in all that we do, and we will strive to ensure your needs are met or exceeded.   

Through our promises of value, trust, and transparency, Capitol Auto offers security to all of our clients.
Customer Service:

Capitol Auto values each customer and strives to meet or exceed their expectations with every opportunity.  Our culture is to lead with a passion to serve, to serve the needs of all of our customers to the greatest extent possible in each moment, rather that be through purchasing a vehicle, servicing a vehicle, or assisting with any service or product offered here at Capitol Auto.  We believe that relationships can be gained through service, trust, and transparency in all situations, and our goal is to create, retain, and develop long, lasting mutually beneficial relationships with each individual we are privileged to serve. 

Customer service is not a department or an individual, customer service is a culture and a core value required by all, here at Capitol Auto.  
Inventory Acquisition?

Every vehicle purchased for sale at Capitol Auto is bought by an owner or managing partner.  Our goal is to buy the absolute best pre-owned vehicles, at the very best prices available, while passing those valuable deals along to our clients.  We are selective, attentive to detail, and determined to acquire unique, reliable, and superior inventory at all times.  The processes developed has proven to be successful in not just how we purchase our inventory, but what we do after the purchase of our inventory before we offer them for re-sale. 

Pre-sale Inspections and Reconditioning?

Every vehicle is driven by a member of our experienced automotive team, placed on a lift by an automotive service technician, and an inspection and diagnostic of each vehicle is performed to determine any and all recommended maintenance, repairs, and reconditioning needed.  A N.C. State Inspection is performed on each vehicle, an oil change is completed, diagnostics test, and any items repaired or replaced deemed necessary.  Once the vehicle has been processed through our internal service center, the vehicle proceeds to our internal detail department, where an experienced automotive detail specialist completes a full detail of the interior, exterior, and engine to ensure each vehicle is restored, protected, cleansed and shining for presentation.  Our team makes cosmetic repairs, reconditions, and touch up to the interior and exterior of the vehicles on most all vehicles, as well.

Marketing and Pricing?

Detailed photos are generated by a member of our team internally,and the vehicle is ready for our virtual online showroom as well as, offered for sale and displayed on our beautiful retail location.  All of our vehicles are marketed online for maximum exposure and at our storefront, also.  At Capitol Auto, we have a proven pricing strategy that is based on many resources and factors, including, the current market value, the market day supply, the history of the vehicle, the current condition of the vehicle and the components and accessories, and all of the features, options, and accessories or upgrades of the vehicle.  Based on our strategy and process, we are aggressive and competitively priced on most all of our inventory.  Capitol Auto is unique because we never want to be the cheapest or offer a substandard product or service, whereas, we are proud to offer VALUE, in every aspect, by providing the most vehicle for your money that has been processed and reconditioned properly, and we guarantee transparency and trust with each opportunity.

Capitol Auto is confident the acquisition process, internal service systems and processes, as well as our internal reconditioning and detail processes, create value in each vehicle offered for sale and that value is gained by our amazing, loyal clients with each vehicle purchased.   
Where do we acquire inventory?

Capitol Auto through many years of experience has developed many relationships for trusted sources for inventory acquisition, including automotive auctions all along the East Coast, and as far away as Texas, along with major banks, leasing companies, re-marketing companies, large dealer groups, trusted wholesale connections, as well as individuals looking to sale or trade their personal vehicles.  These particular networks and sources have proven to be beneficial for our clients.  

Financing Sources? 

Our team has fostered incredible relationships with industry leading lenders over the many years, and these same relationships offer the best rates and terms available for our clients.  We have banks, credit unions, mid-prime, and sub-prime lenders readily available to provide financing for all, regardless of your credit situation.  Here at Capitol Auto, we utilize our strong network to further strengthen the connections forged and to provide great value for all of your financing needs.


Capitol Auto possesses a strong network of trusted vendors that we have a great deal of trust and experience with.  We pride ourselves on solely partnering with reputable, trusted, reliable, and fair individuals and/or companies to work with.  The very relationships we have developed directly benefit many of our clients for all of their automotive needs, when relying on vendors that we have included into our network.

Capitol Auto strives to continue to develop the strongest network available in all areas, which presents the opportunity for improvement and increased VALUE for our clients, as well as our business.  

All cars will experience unexpected repairs at untimely moments, so we recommend every client to protect their investment with an Extended Service Contract. We have many various options available with limited up to comprehensive coverage and terms and miles to fit everyone's budget. Ask for more information and be prepared in the likely event a breakdown should occur. GAP coverage is offered on most all vehicles available for sale, also.

We strive to do the very best job we can in every aspect of our business and continue to grow and evolve as we deem necessary to achieve the very best results available for all of our clients. We stand behind who we are, what we do, how we operate and are driven by a passion to serve the needs of our clients. We are compliant, transparent, and reasonable in all we do, and we are confident you will appreciate and trust Capitol Auto for all of your automotive needs.

Capitol Auto offers a peace of mind, by guaranteeing, we stand behind our staff, our products, and our services to ensure security for all of our clients.
Our Promise to you:  VALUE

How we value YOU?

We are thankful for each opportunity we earn to serve our clients in anyway we can, rather that be through buying, selling, financing, trading, servicing, detailing, or offering any of our other products and/or services offered.  We provide a free CarFax history report on every vehicle available in inventory, we offer clients the opportunity to have a pre-sale purchase inspection completed on any vehicle prior to sale, and  we offer a complimentary first oil change on every vehicle purchased.  Our team will strive to advise, provide recommendations, and suggestions throughout the process based on our expertise and knowledge relating to the matter.  We offer Extended Service Contracts on all vehicles available for sale from 3 months/3,000 miles, up to 5 years/100,000 miles on most all of our inventory. We offer GAP coverage on most all of the vehicles available for sale, as well.  

How we value your time?

We strive to continue to focus and improve our overall efficiency in all areas daily.  By valuing your time, we will serve your needs through our detailed processes that promotes efficiency.  We offer appointments, scheduled test drives, as well as service appointments with the goal of valuing your time.  Schedule too tight for you? Ask for an appointment for us to come to you for a demo/test drive, delivery of your new vehicle, or a service appointment, and we can schedule a visit to your home, work, school, or other destination.  We encourage all of our clients to expedite the process when possible by accessing our online website and completing as much as possible at a time and a place convenient for you. By doing so, we have been able to complete purchases in as little as 30 minutes before.   Because we price our inventory aggressively, competitively, and based on the market, as well as the condition, we eliminate the hours spent negotiating, and ensures for a hassle-free, value deal for you each time.

How we value your budget?

We realize your budget is the most important aspect of every automotive decision you are faced with, so we strive to value your budget in each situation.  Our pricing is fair, competitive, and always transparent with each of our products and services offered. We offer fair prices that are competitive with the current market, the condition of the inventory, and there are never any hidden costs or fees.  This has proven to be transparent, hassle-free, and much less stressful from the days of back and forth through several people to determine a price. We promise to value your budget and make every effort to meet and/or exceed your needs each time.

Capitol Auto promises to VALUE you, your time, and your budget with each opportunity, allowing our clients to prosper and gain that value through each transaction.

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