At Capitol Auto, we are always seeking talented, experienced, and enthusiastic individuals that are interested in joining our team. We encourage you to checkout any job openings posted or submit a resume if you feel you are a candidate who possesses a positive attitude, great work ethic, a willingness to serve, a passion to achieve, able to communicate effectively, and an ability to work well with others.  Capitol Auto is innovative, driven to succeed at the highest level, and recruits individuals that share the same vision.  Please email your resume to, if you are interested in joining the Capitol Auto team.

Each journey begins with a simple step, a step in our direction could be career changing and an opportunity to succeed at unimaginable destinations.

Life At Capitol Auto

At Capitol Auto, we support and value all of our team members, and we create a balance of life and work.  We share a team mentality with a passion to serve others through automotive products and services with integrity, professionalism, and transparency.  We offer a stress free work environment, flexible schedules, competitive compensation and benefits, and the opportunity for growth.  Through innovating, evolving, and becoming a leader of how automotive sales and service progresses, we provide unique, opportunities to driven, self-motivated individuals whom pride themselves seeking growth and advancement for their future.

Sharing our vision, leading with passion, and embracing our journey drives our team, here at Capitol Auto.  
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